We offer overall management of properties with co-ownership and individual flats or floors owned in a shared building (known as ‘PPE’ in Switzerland) from administrative, financial and technical perspectives. Building on its success, our department has significantly developed over the last decade and today manages over 125 co-owned properties.

A field in full development


The number of owner-occupied homes in Switzerland has significantly increased since 1990. This growth can be explained by various factors, including a State policy favourable to home ownership (support for the creation of development areas etc.), low mortgage interest rates, an increase in the population and an increase in the construction of co-ownership ‘PPE’ properties.



In response to this increase, Rosset Immobilier has developed a service dedicated to ‘PPE’ properties and to the management of properties with co-ownership.
This department, thanks to its multidisciplinary approach, offers overall management at three levels:

  • Administrative: sending out notice of meetings, holding meetings, following up decisions, etc.
  • Financial: keeping accounts, setting budgets and charges, following up payments, etc.
  • Technical: managing building work, managing maintenance contracts, following up claims, etc.

Thanks to its in-depth work, its meticulous methods and its strong position in the field, the department has earned an excellent reputation in French-speaking Switzerland.


We manage a wide variety of properties and this continues to evolve and change.

In this context, we aim to deliver ever-more personalised management, able to meet the needs of co-owners.
We offer a working relationship that prioritises dialogue, presence in the field and competitive management rates.
Many of our clients also ask us to manage the properties they own in a co-owned property, a task that we take over directly, thus providing a single point of contact.

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