Our services

With our experience and expertise, we offer reliable services and advice to all our customers, maintaining the same level of quality throughout.

Because each customer has their own profile and needs, we are committed to offering services that are customised and tailored to customers’ needs. Our motto is: cooperation, listening and dialogue. We foster relationships based on trust and transparency, whilst ensuring complete confidentiality.


Sector specialists put all their professionalism at your service to guide you through each key stage involved in the sale/purchase of a property (apartment, detached property, building), whether you are the seller or the buyer.

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A strength of our business for more than sixty years, we manage properties rented privately, properties with subsidised rents such as HLM, HM, LUP and/or benefitting from state subsidies, as well as housing cooperatives and administrative, commercial or workshop premises. Our goal: to add value to your property and ensure its sustainability.

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Commercial Property

Geneva and French-speaking Switzerland form an economic hub in which commercial property plays a leading role. Aware of this particular feature, we established a team dedicated exclusively to the management of commercial, administrative and workshop premises more than twenty years ago.

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We offer overall management of properties with co-ownership, from both administrative and technical perspectives. Building on its success, our department has significantly developed over the last decade and today manages over 125 high-quality co-owned properties.

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Property Development

Property development on behalf of our customers is an important part of our work. It consists of supporting the customer throughout the construction process. We can also come in at the end of this process, taking care of all the steps necessary to showcase the property and ensure its subsequent rental or sale.

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Renovations and major construction work

Whether your goal is to maintain the value of your property or to really add value, all property needs to undergo building work and, at regular intervals, renovations on a larger scale.
In this context, our role is to present a well-timed schedule, assist our customers in the decision-making process and manage all the work.

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Would you like to join a dynamic team that’s highly skilled in the property industry? If so, please take a look at our job opportunities.

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